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Where are 404 not found templates used?

Larger websites in particular require efficient follow up of 404 errors. It can be hugely annoying to the user experience while navigating through a website and landing on a dead page.

The 404 errors are usually logged in the log files of the webserver. It's the task of the webmaster to monitor this log on a regular basis, in order to ensure there are no dead links on the website. If no logging of 404 errors has been implemented at web server level, the log function can also be placed directly into the 404 template, meaning that every time the 404 template is loaded a log rule is automatically placed in an internal log file. This also allows other data to be logged, such as time/date, the referring page where the dead page was located, the visitor's IP address and the browser that the visitor is using. This additional log data offers the webmaster more tools to find the reason of the dead link and to replace the dead link with the correct page.

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